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Sichuan Dawn Precision Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2003, formerly known as Qinshen Qiangli Machinery Factory, which was founded in 1995.

Dawn Precision Co., Ltd integrates ERP, PLM, MES, E-Commerce, BI, Data REPORT and other information systems to provide enterprise management solutions. Quality and safety, and environmental management are in compliance with ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001、OHSAS18001 standards systems. With 16 national invention patents, 2 industrial design patents and 52 Utility Model patents obtained, Dawn Precision has been awarded national and provincial honours, including the National High-tech Enterprise, the National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise, the Sichuan Enterprise Technology Center, the Sichuan Typical Manufacturing Informatization Demonstration Enterprise, a Top 50 Sichuan Machinery Industry Enterprise, and a Meishan Government Quality Award. The 亚博yaboApp_yabo亚博网站_亚博娱乐官网网站 Taper Bush and Pulley products have been conferred the title of Famous Brand Products of Sichuan Province.

Dawn Precision has integrated casting, machining, heat & surface treatment, assembly and warehousing. There are over 10 automatic casting and forging production lines, a dozen automatic coating production lines and over 50 robot flexible manufacturing lines established. Additionally, more than 100 CNC machining centers, 100+ sets of CNC grinding, gear shaping, shaving and other tooth making equipment, 1000+ sets of CNC machines have also been set up. Dawn Precision follows a smart manufacturing philosophy, with industrial robots, intelligent equipment, smart transportation, smart warehousing, information technology, and digital technology all playing vital roles in varied manufacturing activities. In compliance with European, American, Japanese and Chinese production standards, Dawn exports standardized power transmission products, pulleys, taper bushings, gears, sprockets, timing pulleys, couplings, reduction gear motors, and industrial belts. Non-standard customized parts such as gear boxes etc. are also manufactured and exported to global customers.

At Dawn Precision, more than 80,000 standard transmission parts are developed, produced, and sold. By adhering to an ISO international standard and 6 national standards regulations within the power transmission industry, we have developed integrated product ranges with different specifications. Dawn Precision has set up multiple sub-branches domestically and globally. Self-owned warehouses have also been established in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu, United States, Thailand, South Korea to provide integrated and professional warehousing and distribution services. World-class quality reputations have been gained from customers worldwide most of which are leaders in its industry, and Dawn Precision products have been utilized in more than 50 industries.

The origin of ‘DeEn(德恩)’

‘DeEn (德恩) 's Chinese interpretation: "De(德)" means treating others with virtue, ‘En(恩)’ means having a sense of gratitude;

DeEn (德恩) 's English interpretation: DeEn (德恩) is translated as DAWN in English, i mplying that the company is flourishing like the rising sun.

Dawn's logo is "亚博yaboApp_yabo亚博网站_亚博娱乐官网网站" ( abbreviation of China Power Transmission), which represents dawn is a power transmission machinery company. In addition, there is a locomotive of a high-speed train, which means dawn is a fast-growing technology company.